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Dombeck receives Whitehall Award

Daniel Dombeck, Ph.D. is the recipient of an award grant from Whitehall Foundation, Inc. for his proposal, "Dissecting the Cellular and Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Place Field Firing." The total grant of $225,000 will be distributed over three years.

Dombeck joined the Department of Neurobiology in February of 2011 as an Assistant Professor and set up his lab on Northwestern University's Evanston campus. Dombeck has developed an experimental system to perform cellular and subcellular resolution imaging and manipulation of neuronal population activity in mice navigating in virtual reality environments.

The Whitehall Foundation awards grants for life sciences research with an emphasis on funding young scientists. Currently, the foundation's focus is on neurobiology basic research. For more information about the foundation, please visit the Whitehall website.

8 December 2011

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