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New Technology added to High Throughput Analysis Lab

New Technology added to High Throughput Analysis Lab

The High Throughput Analysis Lab (HTA) has just completed the installation of a Perkin Elmer Enspire Plate Reader enabled with Label Free and Alpha Screen technologies.

The Label Free technology allows complete characterization of cellular signaling mechanisms and multiple signaling pathways without the addition of potentially biasing reporters or dyes. In addition, the technology can also be used to study biochemical interactions.  For more info on Perkin Elmer's Label Free technology visit their website.

Alpha Technology is a bead-based proximity assay. When a biological reaction brings Alpha Donor and Acceptor beads into close proximity (200nm), conditions are set to allow a cascade of chemical reactions to begin. The end result is a greatly amplified signal that contributes to detection sensitivity down to the attomole level. The versatility of Alpha Technology offers the possibility to assay many biological targets, including enzymes, receptor-ligand interactions, low-affinity interactions, second messenger levels, DNA, RNA, proteins, protein-protein interactions, peptides, sugars and small molecules.  For more info on Perkin Elmer's Alpha Screen technology, visit their website.

For more information about the HTA or to get trained on the instrument please e-mail Sara Fernandez Dunne.

19 July 2012

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