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Annual 2022-2023 Course Plan

For scheduled times of courses in other departments, go to CAESAR.

Enrollment in NEUROSCI 202-0 is limited to declared neuroscience majors only!


Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpringSummer
NEUROSCI 101-6-20First Year Seminar - This is Your Brain on CollegeFlores
NEUROSCI 202-0Cellular and Molecular NeuroscienceMcLean
NEUROSCI 202-0-21Cellular and Molecular NeuroscienceBrown
NEUROSCI 206-0-20Systems and Behavioral NeuroscienceMiri
NEUROSCI 206-0-21Systems and Behavioral NeuroscienceBrown
NEUROSCI 303-0-20Molecular Mechanisms of NeuropsychopharmacologyKlein
NEUROSCI 304-0-20Developmental NeurobiologyBozza
NEUROSCI 320-0-20Animal BehaviorKozorovitskiy
NEUROSCI 324-0-20Neurobiology of Biological Clocks and SleepTurek
NEUROSCI 326-0-20Neurobiology of Learning and MemoryYang
NEUROSCI 350-0-60Advanced Neurophysiology LaboratoryDombeck
NEUROSCI 355-0-60Neurogenetics of Behavior LaboratoryKilman
NEUROSCI 357-0-60Neuroanatomy LaboratoryBrown
NEUROSCI 360-0-20Neuroscience of Brain DisordersKilman
NEUROSCI 377-0-20Neurobiology of Sensation and PerceptionSchmidt
NEUROSCI 390-0-22Neurobiology of Stress, Adversity, and ResilienceWoolley
NEUROSCI 390-0-23Genetic and Circuit Analysis of Motivated BehaviorLee
NEUROSCI 390-0-25Genetics of Human Behavior Gallio
NEUROSCI 398-0Senior Thesis SeminarKilman
NEUROSCI 399-0Independent StudyKilmanKilmanKilman

2022-2023 COURSE NEWS!

To declare a Neuroscience Major, please request an appointment through Please be sure to list your availability!


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