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Kozorovitskiy Lab collaborates to create and apply new generation wireless optofluidic devices

September 22, 2022

Several members of the Kozorovitskiy Lab and Professor Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy collaborated with the lab of John Rogers and others on the recently published study Wireless multi-lateral optofluidic microsystems for real-time programmable optogenetics and photopharmacology,” out in Nature Communications. The study was co-led by a NUIN student Mingzheng Wu (Dr. Wu is currently a postdoc in John Rogers lab), also co-authored by NUIN student Xin Zhang and Lauren Yoon, an undergraduate Neuroscience and Math double-major. The authors created a wireless miniaturized, battery free, programmable device that enabled previously impossible photopharmacology experiments in vivo.  


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