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Major Requirements

The major requirements in Neuroscience consist of:

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Related coursework in other sciences

Neuroscience Core courses (2 required)

Projected Annual Course Plan: NEUROSCI

Neuroscience Electives (choose 4, 2 each from Group A and Group B)

Group A electives focus on human behavior and the human brain (choose 2):

Projected Annual Course Plans: COG_SCICSDPSYCH

Group B electives focus on molecular, cellular, and systems level mechanisms of brain function (choose 2):

Projected Annual Course Plans: NEUROSCI, BIOL_SCIES_APPM

Allied Field (choose 6 courses from one of the fields below)

Neuroscience majors choose six units within one Allied Field for interdisciplinary study. Five Allied Field choices are listed below, each with a link to the list of courses that count toward this requirement. It is also possible to petition to add a course to an existing Allied Field or to propose an ad hoc Allied Field, both subject to approval by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Laboratory Experience

All Neuroscience majors must gain laboratory experience. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Earn two units of credit from NEUROSCI 398-0 or NEUROSCI 399-0 Research in a relevant field, approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, which also may substitute for an Allied Field course, or
  2. Earn at least one unit of credit from 200-level or higher laboratory or methods coursework. 

Double counting:

Between Neuroscience and other majors: Neuroscience electives may not be double counted toward another major. Up to two Allied Field courses may be double counted toward another major. All Related coursework may be double counted toward another major. No double counting of courses is allowed between Neuroscience and any minor.

Within the Neuroscience major: A course may not be counted toward both an Allied Field and an elective. However, an approved laboratory course or two credits of 398/399 research in a relevant field, approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies, may be used to fulfill both the laboratory experience requirement as well as serving as one Allied Field course. NEUROSCI 398/399 may not be used as a Group B elective.

* Indicates courses for which the Neuroscience major provides pre-registration privileges.

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