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Biology Allied Field

Biology is the study of living organisms at molecular, cellular, systems, and community levels. Within the Neuroscience major, the Biology Allied Field includes courses that focus on the biological functions of the brain, as well as more general biological sciences courses. This option may be used toward admission requirements of most medical schools.

Electives in the Biology Allied Field (choose 6 units)

Courses in the first group are listed separately because they are prerequisites for some of the additional electives in Biology.

Projected Annual Course Plans: BIOL SCI, CHEM

Additional Electives in Biology

Neuroscience courses listed here may be taken as a Group B Neuroscience elective or an elective for the Allied Field in Biology, but each course may count either toward Group B or the Allied Field in Biology and not both.

Projected Annual Course Plans: NEUROSCI

Biological Sciences courses listed here also may be counted toward the Allied Field in Biology.

Projected Annual Course Plans: BIOL SCI

* Indicates courses for which the Neuroscience major provides pre-registration privileges.  Neuroscience may now be declared as a major. Requests for appointments may be made by emailing  Please be sure to list when you are available to meet with Dr. Justin Brown or Dr. Valerie Kilman.

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