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Core and Elective Courses within Neuroscience are listed below:

Neuroscience Core courses (2 required)

Neuroscience Electives (choose 4, 2 each from Group A and Group B)

Group A electives focus on human behavior and the human brain (choose 2):  

Projected Annual Course Plans: COG_SCI, CSD, PSYCH

Group B electives focus on molecular, cellular, and systems level mechanisms of brain function (choose 2):

Projected Annual Course Plans: BIOL_SCI, ES_APPM, NEUROSCI

* Indicates courses for which the Neuroscience major provides pre-registration privileges.  Neuroscience may now be declared as a major. Requests for appointments may be made by emailing Please be sure to list when you are available to meet with Dr. Brown or Dr. Kilman.