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Pancoe — NSUHS Life Sciences Pavilion

2200 Campus Drive


The Arthur and Gladys Pancoe NSUHS Life Sciences Pavilion (2003) includes laboratory, office, and teaching space for researchers in the fields of biology and the life sciences. The four-story, 171,000-square-foot facility was designed by Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca for advanced biomedical research integrating basic science discoveries with clinical investigations.

Cook Hall

2220 Campus Drive


Cook Hall, formerly known as the Materials & Life Sciences Building, was completed in 1992. The building was partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy as an energy conservation demonstration facility. Department of Neurobiology investigators occupy the second floor of the structure’s east wing. Cook Hall is also shared by the state of the art Keck Biophysics Facility, and the departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Molecular Biosciences.

Hogan Biological Sciences Building

2205 Tech Drive


Hogan houses Neurobiology, Molecular Biosciences, & LSFS administrative offices as well as the Program in Biological Sciences, the Center for Circadian Biology & Medicine, the Center for Reproductive Science, the Interdepartmental Biological Sciences Graduate Program, and the Automated High Throughput Analysis Facility.

Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics and Diagnostics

2170 Campus Drive


The Richard and Barbara Silverman Hall for Molecular Therapeutics & Diagnostics brings together chemists, biologists and engineers to advance biomedical research through the development of new medicines and diagnostics.

Technological Institute

2145 Sheridan Road


The Technological Institute (1942) has more than 750,000 square feet of classrooms, offices, laboratories, and research facilities. Designed by Holabird and Root, the facility is one of the largest academic buildings in the world. It houses the Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science as well as the departments of chemistry, physics, and astronomy, which are part of the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.