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Neuro Club


This website is under construction please follow this link for an updated version: Northwestern University Neuro Club

Neuro Club is open to any student who wishes to join



President - Ivy Huang

Responsible for general management of both the Executive board and the Neuro Club

senior neuroscience major


Vice President - Anna Gordon

Organizes neuroscience-based service events for the Chicago-area community.

junior neuroscience major


Treasurer - Kidman Ip

Handles NUNC SOFO account and plans fundraisers

sophomore neuroscience major


Public Relations Chair - Nik Sung

Manages website, publicizes events and helps with recruiting new members.

sophomore neuroscience major


Community Service Chair - Kate Vidano

Responsible for correspondence with other student groups on campus to plan cooperative events

junior neuroscience major


Speaker Chair - Claire Desbans

Responsible for getting speakers for meetings

junior neuroscience major


Research Chair - Lauren Yoon

senior neuroscience major


Recognizing Bodies

Faculty advisors

Tiffany Schmidt, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Neurobiology

O: Pancoe 1-1121


Jason Sanchez, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

O: Frances Searle Building

2240 Campus Drive, Room 2-254

P: 847-491-4648