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Advising and Contact Information

We are here and are always ready to discuss your interests and course plans.

Please make advising appointments by emailing In the email requesting an appointment, please provide your student id number and your availability between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm CT to meet with Dr. Kilman or Dr. Brown.

 Petition to Graduate:

Please be sure to begin the process online the link to begin is listed here:

online petition to graduate process


 Petition to Graduate Process

Once you have begun your online petition to graduate form, we will evaluate whether or not you need to meet with an advisor. Graduates receive a t-shirt after completing the petition to graduate process after their petition is signed by a neuroscience advisor.

Please notify Terri as to when you will come and get your t-shirt.

Of course, if you would like to meet with an advisor,  please request an appointment by emailing

All requests for appointments should be emailed to



Kilman,-Valerie_168x210.jpgDr. Valerie Kilman
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Neuroscience
Professor of Instruction in Neurobiology
Hogan 2-162

Please make advising appointments by emailing


Dr. Justin Brown
Dr. Justin Brown
Professor of Instruction in Neurobiology
Hogan 2-165


Please make advising appointments by emailing


Dr. Tiffany SchmidtDr. Tiffany Schmidt
Director of the Neuroscience Major
Associate Professor of Instruction in Neuroscience



Terri D. Bartosiak
Program Assistant for the Neuroscience Major
Hogan 2-160


Faculty Advisory Board for the Neuroscience Major 

Thomas Bozza, PhD
Department of Neurobiology


Matthew Goldrick, PhD
Professor and Chair
Department of Linguistics


Bill Kath, PhD
Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics


David McLean, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Neurobiology


 Robin Nusslock, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology


Ken Paller, PhD
Department of Psychology
Jason Sanchez, PhD
Associate Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders


Student Advisory Board

The Weinberg College Student Advisory Board (SAB) is the primary source of student advice to the Dean of the College and the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies. They also provide input to the Director and Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Neuroscience major.