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First-Year Focus

Getting started in the major

First Year:

Students entering NU should complete the Chemistry and Math requirements listed under Related Courses and BIOL_SCI 201-0 as early as possible (see Neuroscience Major Requirements).

Other good choices for first year students include:
Computer Programming, Statistics, and/or a Group A elective.

Transfer students

Transfer students come in with a wide variety of backgrounds. Students interested in Neuroscience should meet with a Neuroscience adviser before enrolling in Fall classes.

NOTE: If you arrive with CHEM credit, it may be possible for you to take NEUROSCI 202-0 in your first year. Speak with a Neuroscience adviser before Fall classes begin to discuss this.

Second year:

Sophomores may take the two Core courses, NEUROSCI 202-0 and NEUROSCI 206-0 (but see Premed below).

See Allied Field web pages to identify courses that fulfill requirements for each Allied Field. Prerequisites are also listed in CAESAR.

Advanced Placement: To determine if your AP/IB score may be counted toward Neuroscience, first see the Weinberg AP/IB webpage. Some scores earn Weinberg credit that the Registrar records with a number identical to an NU course ( e.g. AP score 4 on Mathematics AB test = MATH 220-1). In all cases, this score counts toward the Neuroscience major as if it were that numbered course. Other scores earn Weinberg credit denoted with a number containing "X" (e.g. AP score 4 on Chemistry test = CHEM 1X0).  Neuroscience allows "X" -credit to count toward Chemistry, Computer Programming, Physics, and Statistics but not Biology. Note that credits awarded may depend on the year the test was taken, as explained on the Weinberg AP/IB tables. For "X" credit, ask a Neuroscience adviser for course equivalency.

Placement tests

Placement tests taken at NU in Chemistry, Math or Biology may be sufficient for Neuroscience major requirements, consult your adviser.

Premedical students

It is very common for students preparing for medical school to major in Neuroscience. A course plan that best suits the individual student is worked out in advising. Most students should take no more than two CHEM, PHYSICS, BIOL_SCI, or NEUROSCI lecture courses in a given quarter. Beyond the first year, students planning to apply to medical school typically take Organic Chemistry in sophomore year and Physics in junior year, leaving room for only one other "science" course per quarter in these years. BIOL_SCI 202-0, 203-0, and 301-0 are only offered in Fall, Winter and Spring respectively. NEUROSCI 202-0 is offered in Fall and Winter, while NEUROSCI 206-0 is offered in Winter and Spring. See a Neuroscience adviser early to discuss schedule options.



It is possible to complete a double major in ISP and Neuroscience with an Allied Field of Computation and Systems Modeling and ISP by completing the following five courses in addition to NEUROSCI 311-0 (next offered in Winter 2026).  

Request advising by emailing Please be sure to list when you are available to meet with an adviser.