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Chemical Safety


General Chemical Safety Information


All labs are expected to keep a chemical inventory of the chemicals within their spaces.


Any chemical that is used in the Department of Neurobiology should have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) associated with it. To find a MSDS Sheet, you can use MSDS Online provided by the Office for Research Safety or from the chemical manufacturer’s website, if the manufacturer is known. 


Proper storage of chemicals is a necessity. Before ordering chemicals, ensure there are proper storage means, such as flammable cabinets or corrosive cabinets. Also ensure incompatible chemicals are not stored with each other. Chemical storage guidelines can be found in the Chemical and Biological Safety Manual and in the ORS guidelines on chemical storage.


The Office for Research Safety is responsible for picking up hazardous waste. All requests for pickup must be made through NSIS. "Waste Pickup" can be found under the "Work Flow" tab.