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Indira M. Raman

Bill and Gayle Cook Professor, Chair

PhD, Wisconsin-Madison


Regions(s): Systems Neuroscience; Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

Research interest(s): Ion channel biophysics; Neuronal excitability; Synaptic Transmission; Cerebellar physiology

Research Summary

Ionic mechanisms of neuronal excitability

Information in the nervous system is transmitted by electrical signals (action potentials) within neurons and by chemical signals between neurons. The research interests of this lab are in studying the biophysical properties of voltage- and ligand-gated ion channels intrinsic to neurons, as well as in understanding the physiological consequences of the different patterns of activity characteristic of specific neurons.

We are currently studying neurons of the cerebellum, a brain region that participates in controlling movements. Projects in the lab focus on the ion channel properties responsible for specific patterns of firing, the transmission of synaptic signals from Purkinje to cerebellar nuclear cells, the responses of cerebellar nuclear cells to different patterns of synaptic input, and the activity and changes in cerebellar neuronal spiking during motor behaviors and learning.

Selected Publications

Selected Honors

  • 2014  NINDS Javits Award
  • 2013  Installed as Bill And Gayle Cook Professor, Northwestern University
  • 2010–13  Charles Deering Mccormick Professor Of Teaching Excellence, Northwestern Univeristy.
  • 2009  Integrated Science Program Faculty Service Award, Northwestern University
  • 2008  Excellence In Instruction Award, Interdepartmental Neuroscience Graduate Program, Northwestern University
  • 2006  Clarence Ver Steeg Award For Graduate Faculty, Northwestern University
  • 2004  Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University
  • 2001–04  Joseph And Esther A. Klingenstein Fellowship Award In The Neurosciences
  • 2000–03  Searle Foundation Scholarship
  • 1999–01  Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship