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The Department of Neurobiology participates in two programs of undergraduate study, the Neuroscience major and the Program in Biological Sciences. 

Within the Neuroscience major, Neurobiology faculty teach the two core courses, one on cellular and molecular neuroscience and the other on systems and behavioral neuroscience.  Neurobiology faculty also teach a variety of electives in the Neuroscience major, including courses that focus on developmental neurobiology, the neurobiology of sensory systems, learning and memory, animal behavior, brain disorders, molecular neurobiology, and computational neuroscience.  Students interested in the Neuroscience major should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Valerie Kilman.

Within the Program in Biological Sciences, Neurobiology faculty teach two introductory courses, one on genetics and molecular biology and the other on physiology.  Neurobiology faculty also teach more advanced electives on developmental neurobiology, systems and behavioral neuroscience, animal physiology, the biology of aging, and the neurobiology of biological clocks.  Students interested in the Biological Sciences major should contact the Associate Director of the Program in Biological Sciences, Dr. Gary Galbreath.

Other resources for undergraduate students interested in studying the brain: