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Honors in the major

Honors in Neuroscience

Am I a candidate to be considered for honors in the Neuroscience major?

All of the following are required of candidates for honors in Neuroscience:

After submission, the thesis will be evaluated by the Neuroscience Honors Committee. If the thesis is judged to meet standards for honors, and all other criteria are met, the candidate may be recommended to the WCAS Honors Committee.

The WCAS Honors Committee makes the final decision as to whether honors in Neuroscience will be awarded, weighing the recommendation of the department, GPA, and other factors.


NOTE: While it is possible to write a Senior thesis based on work begun in Fall of senior year, the strongest theses will result from longer research experiences. It is not unusual for students to include work spanning 2-3 academic years and 1 or more summers in a Senior thesis.