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Northwestern Now, Business Insider Feature Dombeck Lab's Latest Publication

December 12, 2023

The design and benefits of a new mouse goggle VR system developed by members of the Dombeck Lab is explained in their recent Neuron publication. Their latest article, "Full field-of-view virtual reality goggles for mice", introduces iMRSIV (Miniature Rodent Stereo Illumination VR), which was developed by co-first authors Dom Pinke and John Issa, Professor Dan Dombeck, and others.

Read Full Paper in Neuron

Northwestern Now

The lab's latest publication was featured in Northwestern Now's article "Immersive VR goggles for mice unlock new potential for brain science". The Northwestern Now article summarizes the research and features commentary from Dan Dombeck, John Issa, and Dom Pinke. 

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Business Insider

Business Insider's article "What mice in VR goggles can tell us about our brains" overviews the Dombeck labs paper and features commentary from Dan Dombeck. 

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