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Three Neurobiology Faculty Members Honored with Named Professorships

September 12, 2023

On September 12, 2023, Department Chair Indira Raman shared the following announcement with the Department of Neurobiology community

I’m delighted to let you know that three of our faculty members have just been honored with named professorships!

Tom Bozza just became the Edgar C. Stuntz Distinguished Professor of Neuroscience. The Dean writes, "Your appointment to this professorship acknowledges your many accomplishments as a scholar, teacher, and citizen of the University.” Tom’s accomplishments indeed span the full range: beautiful science, fine teaching as recognized by the McCormick Professorship of Teaching Excellence, and extraordinary citizenship, for instance through the service regarding animal research, core facilities, and lab space renovations, which are less high profile but from which the whole community benefits.  There will be an installation ceremony for Tom, which I am sure will be enthusiastically attended. Congratulations Tom!

Dan Dombeck was just awarded the Wender-Lewis Teaching and Research Professorship (2023-2026). The Dean writes, "The Wender-Lewis Professorship was established with gifts from Joseph Wender (WCAS ‘66) and Sherman Lewis (WCAS ’58). [It] allows the College to recognize the outstanding achievements of faculty members in any department and to provide encouragement for further accomplishments.” Dan’s research is creative and field-changing, and his teaching of undergraduate labs as well as leadership in graduate education is exemplary. This recognition is a well-deserved complement to his promotion to full professor, which became official at the beginning of the past month. Congratulations Dan!

Tiffany Schmidt was just awarded the Martin and Patricia Koldyke Outstanding Teaching Professorship (2023-2026). The Dean writes, “The Koldyke Professorship was established with a gift from the Koldykes as part of the Great Teachers Campaign. In endowing this professorship, the Koldykes did not restrict it to any particular field but asked that it recognize outstanding contributions to education.” We all know that Tiffany has indeed made outstanding contributions to education, through her classroom teaching, her leadership of the undergraduate and master’s programs, and her excellent mentorship fostering excellent science, which won her the Clarence ver Steeg Award for graduate education. Congratulations Tiffany!

We’re also grateful to Tom, Dan, and Tiffany simply for being wonderful colleagues and generous-minded people, which makes their success a reason for genuine rejoicing by all of us.