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Each full-time student is required to take one elective during the Fall and Spring Quarters. Below is a list of approved electives for the 2019-20 Academic Year. Please be advised that this list does not include all possible electives, nor does it reflect what may be available in future quarters and academic years.

Academic Electives Course Schedule
Program Number Course Name Fall Winter Spring Campus
BIOL_SCI 302-0 Fundamentals of Neurobiology X Ev
BIOL_SCI 303-0 Molecular Neurobiology X Ev
BIOL_SCI 315-0 Advanced Cell Biology X Ev
BIOL_SCI 323-0 Bioinformatics: Sequence and Structure Analysis X Ev
BIOL_SCI 355-0 Immunobiology X X Ev
BIOL_SCI 361-0 Protein Structure and Function X Ev
BIOL_SCI 378-0 Functional Genomics X Ev
BIOL_SCI 390-0 Advanced Molecular Biology X Ev
BIOL_SCI 395-0 Molecular Genetics X Ev
ES_APPM 370-0 Introduction to Computational Neuroscience X Ev
IBIS 401-0 Molecular Biophysics X Ev
IBIS 402-0 Eukaryotic Molecular Biology X Ev
IBIS 403-0 The Human Proteome: Defining Variation and Modifications of Protein Molecules X Ev
IBIS 404-0 Principles and Methods in Systems Biology X Ev
IBIS 406-0 Cell Biology X Ev
IBIS 407-0 Genetics & Epigenetics X Ev
IBIS 409-0 Biophysical Methods for Macromolecular Analysis X
IBIS 410-0 Quantitative Biology X Ev
IBIS 416-0 Practical Training in Chemical Biology Methods and Experimental Design


IBIS 416-0  Laboratory X
IBIS 432-0 Statistics for Life Sciences X Ev
IGP 401-0 Biochemistry I X Ch
IGP 403-0 Advanced Immunology X Ch
IGP 405-0 Cell Biology X Ch
IGP 410-0 Molecular Biology X Ch
IGP 420-0 Introduction to Pharmacology X Ch
IGP 425-0 Topics in Drug Discovery X Ch
IGP 430-0 Genetics X Ch
IGP 433-0 Advanced Microbial Pathogenesis X Ch
IGP 435-0 Signal Transduction and Human Diseases X Ch
IGP 440-0 Immunology X Ch
IGP 442-0 MIcrobiology X Ch
IGP 450-0 Tumor Cell Biology X Ch
IGP 466-0 Structural Basis of Signal Transduction X X Ch
IGP 475-0 Virology X Ch
IGP 480-0 Molecular Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis X Ch
IGP 484-0 Introductory Statistics X Ch
IGP 485-0 Data Science for Biomedical Researchers X
IGP 486-0 Advanced Bioinformatics X Ch
IGP 493-0 Molecular Basis of Natural History X Ch
IGP 495-0 Science & Society Ch
NEUROSCI 303-0 Molecular Mechanisms of Neuropsychopharmacology X Ev
NEUROSCI 304-0 Developmental Neurobiology X Ev
NEUROSCI 320-0 Animal Behavior X Ev
NEUROSCI 360-0 Neuroscience of Brain Disorders X Ev
NEUROSCI 377-0 Neurobiology of Sensation & Perception X Ev
NUIN 401-1 Fundamentals of Neuroscience X Ev
NUIN 401-2 Fundamentals of Neuroscience X Ev
NUIN 401-3 Fundamentals of Neuroscience X Ev
NUIN 408-0 Statistics and Data Analysis for Neuroscience X Ev/Ch
NUIN 417-0 Neurodegeneration: A Case Study X Ev
NUIN 440-0 Advanced Neuroanatomy X Ev/Ch
NUIN 441-0 Biophysical Signal Processing for Movement & Rehabilitation Sciences X Ch
NUIN 442-0 Issues in Movement & Rehabilitation Science X Ch
NUIN 455-0 Instrumentation for Neuroscience X Ch
NUIN 470-0 Cellular & Molecular Basis of Information Storage X Ch
NUIN 486-0 The Biology of Sleep X
PSYCH 450-0 Fundamentals of Statistics X Ev
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