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Introducing VINE Scholars


A new path to a Neuroscience PhD at Northwestern

Interested in sticking around Northwestern for a Neuroscience Ph.D.? The VINE (Vertically Integrated Neuroscience Education) Scholars program enables direct admission to Northwestern’s Neuroscience Ph.D. Program (NUIN) for select students who want to continue research in their current WCAS lab. Benefits include a shorter time to degree and individualized curriculum with all the amazing benefits of being a NUIN PhD student.

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Emily Liman | University of Southern California

Tuesday, April 23 at 12:45pm
Pancoe Auditorium / Zoom

Emily Liman is a cellular physiologist working at the interface of ion channel biophysics and sensory biology. Liman is known for her work on sensory TRP channels and more recently for the discovery of the OTOP proton channels, one of which functions as a sour receptor.


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