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NEUROSCI 399-0 provides course credit to students who choose to do mentored independent research in Neuroscience or a related Allied Field. With a commitment of at least 10 hours per week, students will learn practical laboratory skills and troubleshooting as well as intellectual and analytical skills through a laboratory project.

Requirements fulfilled

Students majoring in Neuroscience are required to gain laboratory experience either through 1 credit of laboratory or methods coursework or through 2 credits of NEUROSCI 398-0 /NEUROSCI 399-0 research. Neuroscience students may take 2 quarters or more of NEUROSCI 399-0 to fulfill this graduation requirement. NEUROSCI 399-0 may not be used toward the Group B requirement.

Deadline to submit requests for NEUROSCI 399-0 is September 22, 2020 but we strongly encourage earlier submission. Special rules apply to fall 2020 NEUROSCI 399-0

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, fall 2020 NEUROSCI 399-0 will only be available to students meeting the one of the following criteria:

  1. A student who intends to work on their thesis.
  2. A student who has previously obtained a permission number for NEUROSCI 399-0.
  3. A student who has already been trained in the laboratory they are requesting a permission number for NEUROSCI 399-0.
  4. A student whose project is solely remote and the faculty mentor has agreed to allow the student to do their project completely remote.

Students belonging to criteria 1 through 3: in order to receive a permission number for fall 2020, a student must provide a 1 page proposal written with their mentor stating what the student will be researching, showing a timeline of what they hope to accomplish and a 10 hour schedule listing when the research will be performed. For fall 2020, we are also requiring an alternative proposal of what the student may accomplish in the event that COVID-19 prevents work in the laboratory.

Students who will be fully remote will need to first find a faculty research mentor who is willing to allow the student to do work fully remote. Once the project is discussed, then request a meeting with Dr. Kilman by emailing to determine if the project is suitable for NEUROSCI 399 credit. If so, then a permission number will be issued once documentation from the laboratory faculty mentor and student is complete. These permission numbers are expected to be very limited.

Deadline to submit requests for NEUROSCI 399-0 is September 22, 2020 but we strongly encourage earlier submission. Please be advised that due to COVID-19 research restrictions placed on the laboratory, not all students who request a permission number for NEUROSCI 399-0 may receive one.

If you are a sophomore without research experience, you may wish to postpone your research this quarter.

If you are a junior, you may have more success finding a lab to work with you remotely for reading, attending lab meetings, etc., without earning credit or doing laboratory work this quarter.

Requests for a permission number for NEUROSCI 399-0 should be sent to with a research plan, contingency plan, and faculty contact information.





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